Junko Munakata Marr

Department Head and Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Junko Munakata Marr

The unifying theme for my research interests is water reclamation and resource recovery, primarily by using microorganisms in engineered systems. Bacteria and other microbes have useful and sometimes surprising metabolic capabilities that we can harness to remove organic pollutants and create valuable products. While microbial communities are inherently dynamic, we can apply molecular biology techniques to assess microbial communities in environmentally relevant systems. Understanding and ultimately controlling these dynamics is important in many applications of environmental engineering microbiology. For example, microbes form the heart of wastewater treatment, degrading organics while also generating methane under specific conditions; any change in microbial activity or populations during treatment may have significant implications for the treatment effectiveness. By understanding the community dynamics during the treatment process, we may be better able to control the treatment effectiveness. I am also interested in assessing the sustainability of new treatment approaches. Current research activities include optimization and microbial characterization of anaerobic primary and secondary treatment, biological nitrogen removal, microbial valorization of methane to more complex organics, and development of a smart irrigation system for reclaimed water.
My teaching interests are diverse; I’ve taught 15 different classes at Mines! I strive to engage every student in each course. I have been actively involved in the Humanitarian Engineering program and teach elective courses (Sustainable Engineering Design, Onsite Water Reclamation and Reuse) that support that program as well as CEE. I continue to deliver core courses as well, such as Environmental Engineering Lab and Contaminant Fate & Transport.


Coolbaugh Hall 206


  • PhD, Civil Engineering, Stanford University
  • MS, Civil Engineering, Stanford University
  • BS (with honor), Chemical Engineering, Caltech (California Institute of Technology)

Selected Publications

  • K.L. Lynch, W.A. Jackson, K. Rey, J.R. Spear, F. Rosenzweig and J. Munakata-Marr, “Evidence for biotic perchlorate reduction in naturally perchlorate-rich sediments of Pilot Valley Basin, Utah”, Astrobiology 19(5):629-641 (2019). DOI: 10.1089/ast.2018.1864
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  • A. PflugerJ. Callahan, J.R. Stokes-Draut, D. RameyS. Gagen, L. Figueroa, J. Munakata-Marr, “Lifecycle comparison of mainstream anaerobic baffled reactor and conventional activated sludge systems for domestic wastewater treatment”, Environmental Science & Technology 52 (18):10500–10510 (2018).DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.7b06684.
  • K. Hickenbottom, L. Miller-Robbie, J. Vanneste, J. Munakata-Marr, M. Heeley and T.Y. Cath, “Comparative Life-Cycle Assessment of a Novel Osmotic Heat Engine and an Organic Rankine Cycle for Energy Production from Low-Grade Heat”, Journal of Cleaner Production 191:490-501 (2018). DOI:10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.04.106
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