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We are excited to announce this year’s seminar series.
Seminars will be Wednesdays, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., in Hill Hall, Room 209. Open to the Oredigger campus community, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. No pre-registration required. If you have any questions, contact QBE Professor Kevin Cash.

Next seminar: TBD

Upcoming Seminars


Past Seminars

Dr. Jana Montgomery, ActiVie 04/17/24

“A Career in Curiosity: Navigating Startups
and Academia”

Dr. Brady Worrell, University of Denver 04/03/24

“Catalytic Chain Transfer in Crosslinking Photopolymerizations: Towards Catalyst-Catalyst Multimaterial Additive Manufacturing”

Dr. Cris Argueso, Colorado State University 03/06/24

“Hormonal Regulation of Plant Growth and Defense” 

Dr. Griffin Chure, Stanford University 02/21/24

“The Form of Growth and Growth of Form: Understanding Cell Growth and Size Homeostasis from First Principles”

Dr. Chesley Chen, University of Denver 02/07/24

“Zen and the Art of Starting Up a Start-up”

Dr. Yamuna Phal, Colorado School of Mines 01/24/24

“Harnessing and ShapingMid-Infrared Light for Biosensing”

Dr. Brennan Sprinkle, Colorado School of Mines 11/29/23

“The Countoscope: measuring self and collective diffusion with facncy counting”

Dr. Erin Nuccio,  Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory 11/15/23

“Visualizing Microbial Oxygen Use Surrounding Roots Using Transparent Soils and Oxygen-sensitive Nanosensors”

Dr. Adrienne Williams, University of California 11/01/23

“Metacognition and Study Strategies as Drivers of Student Success in Biology”

Dr. Joshua Chan, Colorado State University 10/04/23

“Learning Microbial Metabolic Interactions and Their Evolution Through Artificial Intelligence” 

Dr. Pavel Osten, The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 09/20/23

“New Platform for Clinically Predictive Drug Recovery in Neuropsychiatry” 

Dr. Xuewei Wang, Virginia Commonwealth University  09/06/23

“Optical and Electrochemical Sensors for Decentralized Health Monitoring” 

QBE Clubs

Student Advisory Board

The uQBE Student Advisory Board is a board of elected students who each strive to make our major a welcoming and supportive environment. This board works hard to support the staff and the students by aiding and hosting QBE related events. The goal of this board is to bridge the gap between faculty and students to create a supportive community of Mines best students.


Bio Builders

BioBuilders @ Mines was created to help foster creation through biology and provide interdisciplinary work and research opportunities for the Mines community. They plan to host classes, projects, and implement a team to compete and travel to the iGEM competition to explore the world of synthetic biology collaboratively. Ultimately, as a student-run organization, they aim to provide opportunities for students to learn from one another about biological research by giving them the space, resources, and support to do so.

The Colorado School of Mines Pre-Medical Society is a student-led organization guiding students through the process of getting into medical or medically related graduate schools. We work with a board of selected faculty who have experience in medicine and related fields.

We recognize that students majoring in engineering fields have an opportunity to impact medicine greatly by applying their critical thinking and their work ethic. We have been working hard for years to compile a range of contacts that allow our pre-med students to have opportunities other schools cannot offer. Previous opportunities included dissection of a cadaver, volunteering in an emergency department with patient contact, and scholarships for service-oriented events.

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

Mines AMWA has connected with physicians, dentists, and nurses to bring you the best guest speakers. They hold bimonthly meetings, where they discuss women’s issues, medical pathways, potential specialties, and how to thrive in a medical career. AMWA has social events to connect you with other students to build a community and a premedical network.

International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering 

The ISPE club intends to provide students with a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, with no limitation on their major. They wish to provide professional development and social events to bring this community together and enrich their education. Every student at Mines will have a different career path and ISPE wants to encourage them to consider the biotech/pharma field.