Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering

Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering


The Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering Program brings together faculty across the Mines campus working on diverse areas of biology to educate students, with at least a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering or science, or studying at Mines towards such degree in a 4+1 scenario. Biology deals broadly with life on this planet, the human organism and its health, and harnessing biological processes to produce fuels, chemicals, and consumer products. Biology in general and human health and well being, in particular, are important application areas for virtually all other areas of science, technology and engineering.



HIGHLIGHT: Forty girls participate in STEM camp at MINES

Some 40 seventh-and-eighth grade girls spent a week of their summer vacation learning how to isolate DNA, participating in a scavenger hunt at the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum and investigating a mock crime scene.