Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering

Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering


  • The Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering (QBE) program provides rigorous training at the interface between biology and the mathematical, computational and engineering sciences that are the hallmark of a Mines education. We believe that some of the most transformative science and engineering happens at interfaces between topics; thus, this is the QBE program’s primary goal. This interdisciplinary program will produce the next generation of quantitatively trained scientists needed for innovation in the biological sciences and other disciplines. Like the faculty of QBE, students in the program have diverse backgrounds and life experiences and are united by their interests in biosciences and the development of novel approaches to solve real-world problems. The QBE program holistically considers topics on the life / health side of Mines’ thematic areas of Earth, Energy and Environment. This flexible program is tailored to match the needs, interests and backgrounds of all students and creates for a unique multidisciplinary culture that pervades the program.

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Student Highlights and Achievements

The inaugural Fall 2022 Undergraduate Research Symposium featured a wide breadth of talent and insight! We are proud to announce that one of our QBE students took 1st place in the poster awards for this event. Join us in congratulating Aryelle Wright, Senior, for her poster presentation on Cationic Polymers for Nuclei Acid Therapeutics. Mentor: Dr. Ramya Kumar

We are so proud to have a talented representative from our program take 1st!

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